Streifen Low mit Alexis Grau Damen Leroy Espadrilles Top Schnürung B1wwyxt5qO
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Streifen Low mit Alexis Grau Damen Leroy Espadrilles Top Schnürung B1wwyxt5qO

About superar

Superar is a European initiative with the aim to establish musical education and support for children and young people in broad sections of society. Regular and free singing, dancing or orchestra courses do not only support voice, body and understanding of music, but also empower personality. Superar assumes that the experience of this support strengthens the participants subsequently in their chances in society. The central administration of Superar International is located in Objekt 19 in the Brotfabrik. There are also three rooms for rehearsals and one event-hall for 300 people with all modern amenities – the Anker.Saal. All rooms are available for rental.

Superar was founded in Vienna 2009 by three renowned institutions: the Caritas, Vienna Konzerthaus and the Wiener Sängerknaben. The main partners of the association are Deloitte, the Hilti Foundation and the Erste Foundation. Partners and founders ensure the sustainable development of structures on a large scale, high quality of the regular music tuition and in the medium term access to high artistic achievements. Superar currently works with approximately 1,000 children and young people at 14 locations in Austria, as well as 500 children and young people at 10 locations in Slovakia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Romania and Bosnia.

Absberggasse 27, stair 3, 1. floor A-1100 Vienna
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